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The ease brought into the online gambling industry by Cryptocurrencies is too good to be passed up. From bitcoin to ethereum, and now ripple. As more and more gamblers continue to use these ripple gambling sites to fuel their gaming activities, it feels like more online casinos accepting ✅ it are being produced. Right now, there are several hundreds of them, and it can get exhausting for those who are just looking to try it out.

However, in a bid to help, we have set our casino review team on the business of checking out the best ripple casinos in 2021. We reviewed major criteria like their methods of payment, the XRP bonuses, and so many other factors. As a result, we have also recommended which XRP online casino 🎰 is great, depending on all these criteria we have listed. You can check out the subsequent paragraphs for more on this.

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Online Casino XRP: What is Ripple?


Ripple is a technology that acts in two ways: a cryptocurrency and a means of digital payments and financial interactions. XRP is based on blockchain technology, but rather than mining, this crypto uses a group of bank owned servers to confirm and authorize transactions.

Ripple, or XRP for short, uses less energy to add blocks to the network. Due to this, not only are they faster than the average bitcoin, but they also cost less. These are some of the major reasons why XRP gambling sites are starting to gain more traction worldwide. Players are now expecting more from every casino they visit. They want speed, they want privacy, they want security, they want anonymity, and those are the many advantages of ripple.

The difference between the Ripple cryptocurrency and a host of others is how XRP doesn’t only function for virtual currencies alone. They allow the seamless and hassle free transfer of money in any form, whether fiat like USD, YEN, EURO, or Cryptocurrencies themselves.

How does ripple work? To send or receive money through ripple, a gateway is used to link the parties looking to make the transaction. This gateway acts as a middle man by collecting the payment 💳 and disbursing it to the addresses across the XRP network.

Since XRP does not discriminate or holds itself aloof from other fiat currencies, exchange is made better and cheaper, making it easier for people gambling with ripple. Now, let’s take a quick look at the history of XRP and its journey into the financial market.


XRP: The History

At first, Ripple was named Ripplepay and was hardly created to be a cryptocurrency. A software developer named Ryan Fugger established it long before Bitcoin was released. It didn’t have blockchain 🪙 technology, only a similar objective of helping people securely transfer small or huge sums of money online without moving currencies.

Ripplepay continued to work this way until Ryan sold it in 2013. The new company was named OpenCoin and was built around Ripplepay’s open source code. 

The company was named Ripple Labs that same year, and the first product using this crypto was tested successfully in 2014 by a global payments service. The Ripple partners and investors increased over the years, and soon it started to make headway in the financial sector.

Ripple: How Does this Work?

Ripple 2

Before deciding to ripple in casinos, you should know how it works and how this method would benefit you as a casino player.

The XRP works by employing a medium for their money transfer structure. For instance, two people want to make a money transaction. However, they do not want to deal with each one on one, so they employ their preferred gateman to receive this money for them and make their XRP transactions. This is done without any cash moving.

For easier understanding, let us take an example. Assuming Peter wants to send $300 to Hailey, who lives across the border. Instead of sending the money directly to Hailey’s account, Peter would alert his agent, who we shall call Justin. Peter gives Justin all the details important for the transaction, including the secret password that Hailey must answer before getting this fund.

However, instead of contacting Hailey directly with the cash, Justin contacts Hailey’s agent, called Tasha. If Hailey gets this password correctly, Tasha has to release the fund from her account. This simply means that now, Tasha is being owed by Justin, another agent. This money can be paid at any time or by balancing their transaction.

How To Use Ripple Cryptocurrency in An Online XRP Casino

Before choosing casinos that accept XRP, it is understandable that you want to know how to use this ripple token in a casino online. It is a very easy process that only requires a few minutes ⏱ of your time.

With the following guide, you will find it even easier.

Select Ripple Casino


While XRP might be growing amongst the gambling casinos at an exponential rate, it is still nowhere near as popular as its seniors in the market. This is why you need to find an online casino that accepts ripple as a payment method first before doing any other things

While this process might have been exhausting for you, we have done the excruciating part of trying them all out and have reduced the best ripple online casinos to ten. This way, it would be easier than researching several hundred of them.


Most crypto casinos would not let you make financial transactions without fully registering your profile under their account. Not only is registration important, but you also need to pass the KYC test and successfully 👍 verify your account. This is to make sure that in the future, no identity mishaps happen.


After registering your profile, it is time to fund your account and start playing games. Go to the naming section of your casino, and choose the Ripple deposit method.  A unique address would be generated for you, and all you have to do is copy this.

Then, go to your wallet and paste the casino’s address into the required field. You will be asked to enter the amount you want to pay, then authorize the transaction for payments 💳. Be careful when making Ripple online deposits or withdrawals, as any mistake can not be reversed once sent into the network.

Using XRP As A Payment Method in Casinos

Ripple 3

Before making any deposits in ripple casinos online, the first thing to do is get some Ripple coins. Then the second most important thing is how to store your coins for safe gambling in an online casino XRP.

Here is why you need a wallet:

Ripple Cryptocurrencies are not physical banknotes. They are virtual currencies that you can neither see nor touch. So how do you make transactions with a token you can not touch? By using a wallet. Just like you store your dollars and euros inside wallets, your XRP also has to be stored there.

But there’s one major difference? Your physical banknotes store realistic currencies, but your wallets store keys. These keys are what is rightfully used to make payment 💸 at a ripple casino.

The ripple itself remains on the blockchain and can only be controlled by someone who has private/public keys and an address. Without a wallet, you can not play games in casinos offering XRP.

This problem has been solved, however, and here we have some of the best wallets of all time:

Mobile Wallets

casino games

Mobile wallets are one of the most accessible storage forms for your XRP. This is because you can just simply whip out your smartphone when you need to make a transaction in ripple casinos and do it on the go.

Here, you just need to download the software, and you are great. Some of the Mobile wallets do not only provide storage means, but they can also help in the Ripple crypto exchange. An example of a great mobile Ripple wallet is: Crypterium

Desktop Wallets

Desktops wallets are another form of storage for your XRP. Here, you will download the software onto your desktop device and then use it from there.

As secure as this is, it is not accessible or mobile 📱, and you have to wait till you have access to your desktop before you can use it. A great example of a desktop Ripple wallet is: Atomic

Are there any extra charges for Using XRP in Ripple Casino?

As explained, an XRP Casino operates on a very low transaction fee. The XRP network itself might not charge any commission for deposits or withdrawals, but there are still some charges you have to pay for these processes. 

Firstly, Ripple Casinos deduct charges for transactions. However, using crypto for gambling saves them a lot of time and effort, so these charges are minimal, unlike the ridiculous prices you sometimes have to pay with traditional banking methods.

You might also get a small fee deducted from your cash by the Ripple wallet you use for storage. This is why you need to review the terms and conditions of both a wallet or casino before selecting one, so you can compare their rates and what it means to you as a customer.

The Pros and Cons of Using Ripple in Casinos




This is one of the many advantages of ripple gambling in casinos. It might not be the biggest cryptocurrency in the market right now, but that doesn’t make it one to joke with, as when you play with ripple, you rest assured that inflation and deflation will most likely not affect your token. 

Ripple was created for the banking sector, and only a particular amount of this cryptocurrency is in circulation right now. This means that ridiculous inflation of prices 🤑 is unlikely to happen, and users are safe. Ripple is also used for payment settlement, money remittance, and secure money transfer, so yes. You can rely on ripple.


An average RXP is generated and confined in a matter of seconds, faster than an average Bitcoin transaction that might take several minutes to fully process and manifest in the blockchain Tech.

As a casino gambler, one of your takeaways is speed. Fast loading games, quick network, instant withdrawal; every service you use depends on time, and the quicker your transactions in casinos, the better your gameplay.

Ripple casinos are offering you a way to enjoy this seamless speed you are always after. Instant withdrawals because your earnings are processed within seconds, and you’ll have them in your wallet in minutes. Traditional methods might take hours and even days.


Unlike other currencies, ripple is used to transfer and exchange between 💶 different currencies, from fiat to crypto. This allows for seamless money transfers in casinos without a ridiculous exchange rate. With this, you can move huge sums of money around between different currencies and still not have to pay through your teeth.


Ripple has its XRP remittance platform in about 25 countries while extending its network to about 70 more. With over 100 countries enjoying this circulation, it would be extremely hard not to use it in your state. Some other Cryptocurrencies are unable to offer this vast outreach, so this is one to appreciate.

Disadvantages of Using Ripple in Casinos

Limited Availability

While their remittance platforms may have been created in about 25 countries and usable in 70 more, it is not the same for an online casino that accepts ripple. This method is just being incorporated into the system 🌟 as a payment option, so you would hardly find casinos that accept this. However, this would no longer be a limitation in the coming years, and we hope more casinos take this in.


This one might be a little painful. Unlike other Cryptocurrencies, there are no specific or exclusive bonuses given to XRP players in a casino. However, there are still the regular bonuses and promotions that every other player enjoys, which should be enough for now. This process might change soon.

Casino Games Available For Ripple Players

Like with the bonuses, there aren’t any special or exclusive games dedicated to Ripple players, but this should not be a problem as you can still play from the thousands of games available in the casino game catalogue.

Here are some amazing ones below:

  1. Mythological fun: the Viking God and other varieties of these games are available in some casinos above.
  1. Branded slots: There is an adaptation to Tom Hardy’s Cashed away, and you can play this game or any of its variety on the platforms above.
  1. Maybe Game of Thrones is more your favourite than the rest; then you have more than enough games to play. Dragon is an example and is available on these sites.

Are XRP Casinos Secure?


Ripple is a secure Cryptocurrency, and you can see it in their history. As long as you make your purchase from a reputable exchange and store Cryptocurrencies in a secure wallet, there wouldn’t be any problem. However, like all other cryptos, they also suffer from price fluctuations. The price might increase today and decrease tomorrow. You can never really tell when this might happen, so before playing 🎲 in casinos, keep this in mind.

It is your duty as a player to verify the authenticity of a casino before making your deposits. To do this, scroll to the bottom of the page and check they have the proper casino licensing to operate effectively. Also, check their algorithms for more information on how their games are rolled and if they have a random number generator certification.

Alternatives for Casino XRP Wallets

Ripple is not the only cryptocurrency around; neither will it be the last. Several alternatives are being used by online casinos, and you can check them out:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Bitcoin cash
  4. Monero
  5. Bitcoin Gold
  6. Litecoin


With these reports and recommendations, you can now select the best platforms in the market without breaking a sweat. When dealing with virtual currencies, careful deliberation is needed. Thankfully ⭐, we have outlined all the important aspects you need to look out for, all you just have to do is pick a platform and relax.


Can I get XRP no-deposit bonuses at your recommended casinos?

There are no certain answers to this for sure, as all casinos have different bonuses and offers for both new and existing customers 🧔. However, amongst our recommendations, you will find generous bonuses, some requiring a deposit while the others do not.

I’ve heard ripple is called the banker’s coin. Do banks control it, and can I trust it?

The XRP was initially created for banks to serve them better and help them make quicker and hassle free 💶 transactions. However, it is in no way controlled by them and should not be called the banker’s coin. With the peer-to-peer technology put into the code, everyone is going to greatly benefit from this.

Is ripple as volatile as other cryptos?

Yes, it is. Ripple is crypto, so it is volatile. The only small clause is, it is not as volatile as Bitcoin 🪙 and other Cryptocurrencies. However, this does not mean you should not gamble carefully as you can lose a substantial amount of money through it. Always cash out your earnings on time to avoid a deep drop in its value.

Why do so few gambling sites accept ripple as compared to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash?

Ripple is only just beginning to become known to gambling operators. Because of its usefulness in the financial sector, people were not quick to make the relationship in time. However, we hope to see more of this coin being used in casinos 🎲 with the same popularity as bitcoins and other currencies soon.

What’s an XRP faucet? I’ve heard I can score free XRP using one.

Yes, you can. Some of the casinos in our recommendation provide free faucets to help users win some coins. You can score this by playing mini-games or just performing simple tasks. This sum might not be much in itself, but it can be used to play free games ⭐, or if you can store them, might accumulate just enough to be withdrawn.

Does Ripple run any of these gambling sites?

No. The XRP company 🌟 is a completely different sector from the casino. It does not own or run any of these companies, nor have they in any way endorsed it.

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