Top 20 New Crypto Casinos USA 2022

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Top 1
100% up to 0.1BTC
Welcome Bonus
Banking options
Bank Transfer
Bitcoin Cash
Top 2
Up to 180% + 1 BTC
Banking options
Bitcoin Cash
Top 3
100% up to 5 BTC
Welcome Bonus
Banking options
Top 4
50 mBTC + 10% Cashback
Welcome Bonus
Banking options
Top 5
up to 300 FS
Welcome Bonus
Banking options
Bank Transfer
Bitcoin Cash

⭐ Why You Should Choose Top Crypto Casinos 2022

Cryptocurrencies were launched into the digital space years ago. Shortly after this, people began to adopt this into their lifestyle and daily virtual transactions.


Soon, when the exciting features they possess started to gain more traction, people began to envision its usefulness in online gambling.

After this realization came the influx of new bitcoin casinos πŸͺ™. With how numerous all these new crypto gambling sites have gotten, we can’t help but feel overwhelmed when deciding on which new online casino to pick to indulge our gambling tendencies.

Well, do not worry. You found yourself here, so you are in the right place. We have done new bitcoin casinos review to recommend some of the new crypto casinos 2022, the exclusive bonuses they offer, and their extensive game catalogues. In the end, you should be able to see what the rave on bitcoin casinos in 2022 is all about and why it is becoming a favourite all of a sudden.

πŸ’ΈWolfbetπŸ”₯ Best New Casino
πŸ’° Las AtlantisπŸ”₯ Best New Casino USA
πŸ“± Cafe CasinoπŸ”₯ Best New Mobile Casino
🎲 BetOnlineπŸ”₯ 50% up to 1000$ Bonus
πŸ’Ž Las AtlantisπŸ”₯ 280% Welcome Bonus

πŸ”₯ Choosing A New Bitcoin Casino in USA

When it comes to choosing a new best anonymous bitcoin casinos, players have to be careful by considering a lot of factors.

The market is growing, and the gambling industry in US is taking advantage πŸ‘ of this influx to create new bitcoin casinos every day.

Different players might expect different things from a new bitcoin site, but the general needs of an average player remain the same. This is why this casino review would be helping you outline the factors you should check for as a new crypto casino 2022.

πŸ’‘ Read Reviews

General Information

These days you will discover thousands of new bitcoin casinos reports on the internet. This is because so many new bitcoin casinos have made their way into the industry, and it can be overwhelming trying to scour the internet looking for the best one for you.

Reports like ours were created to give you detailed explanations about the services of the newest casinos in NJ(USA), instead of you trying every single one out yourself. An expert team wrote every review of professionals who made actual deposits and tried them out.

So when next you see a casino that you like, be sure to view them on the internet and read a thorough Bitcoin review before making payments. Remember that you are using Cryptocurrencies for trading, and any pay-in is irreversible on the network. Take this seriously.

πŸ’» Visit Sites of New Bitcoin Casinos

Crypto Casino 2

After reading and narrowing down your Bitcoin search, you want to visit βœ… each of them to get a first-hand experience of what it is like to use their page. Here are some of the things to look out for:

🌟 Web Design

Some players from USA love flashy colours, while some prefer minimalist designs. This is the first thing to look out for when you visit the Bitcoin site. Remember that you will be spending hours playing games in these BTC casinos, so you want to choose the one you will feel comfortable staying on for a long time.

Besides the design, you should put the Bitcoin interface and navigation into consideration. Some of these online pages are cluttered with banners, logos, and ads everywhere. You want to be sure that this new casino is user-friendly.

βœ… Licensing in New Bitcoin Casinos


Usually, when you visit a new bitcoin casino, you can find every detail of ownership and licensing at the bottom of the page.

You need to take this section very religiously. A licensed crypto casino is being governed by a regulatory body. This official body is like a commission that tells them what to do, constantly oversees their services, and makes sure they only offer proper services.

An unlicensed platform is just the boss of itself, and if they do not answer anybody, what’s the probability they would offer you a great service?

πŸ’³ Consider the Payment Options

This is another major factor to look into when selecting  crypto gambling sites usa. This is the glue that holds everything else together. While you might think games 🎲 are the major factor for you, you will quickly realize that you want to win, and when you do win, how would you get your earnings?

Bitcoin platforms in USA that accept only fiat currencies are mostly limited to debit cards. Still, crypto casinos provide a wider range of payment options which makes it easy for players to do their withdrawals and deposit across various platforms.

πŸ’Έ Instant Withdrawals in New Bitcoin Casinos


It is not enough for new Bitcoin casinos to have various crypto payment methods; do they offer instant payout? What is an instant payout, do you ask? This is the holy grail of a reputable platform. It simply means the Bitcoin platform being able to process and receive your withdrawals in the shortest moment.

Dealing with Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin πŸͺ™ can be a bit sketchy due to the constantly fluctuating market. This means that having your bitcoin at a certain price today might not be the same price tomorrow. Therefore if a casino holds on to your winnings for a long time, you might end up withdrawing it at a rate lower than what you won.

πŸ“± Mobile Gaming

Crypto Casino

You will hardly see a random person access the internet these days using a desktop or PC. Mobile phones have made everything easier, and now people do not have to wait till they get to their homes or offices before using the internet.

For crypto gambling in NJ(USA), the benefits are amazingly numerous. Players can now access their bitcoin casinos and play on the go.

This is why any reputable BTC casino must be sure they provide mobile versions for their clients. This is divided into two aspects:

  • App
  • Website

Some Bitcoin players from US prefer to download the software for easy access, while some would rather just visit the website on their browser anytime they feel like it. Either way, casinos 🎰 should provide at least one of these methods of gambling.

The mobile version of these websites has to be fully responsive and optimized for playing, or else it could become your worst nightmare. No one wants to play that takes forever to load, nor do they want to be halfway into a game, and it starts to lag.

Make sure you select only platforms that have made their mobile version favourable gameplay for you, with high-definition graphics and fast loading.

πŸ’° Casino Bonuses and Promotions in USA(NJ)


This is another factor you want to look at when selecting a bitcoin casino minimum deposit. Bonuses are a way through which platforms hook a new client and keep their existing clientele. However, not all casinos provide a generous prize to their clients. You should stay away from this type of casino because you will be spending money on their games; the least you deserve is a generous prize 🎁.

Here are a few types:

πŸ€‘ Matched Deposit

This type of bonus can be given in new bitcoin casinos to both new and existing customers. It simply means that the casino would provide a certain percentage of your first pay-in as a bonus to play as much as you want. This gambling percentage is calculated on some websites according to your VIP level and the total amount of wager you have made.

For instance, a casino offers a matched-up bonus of 50% on your first pay-in. If you pay $200 in BTC equivalent into your account, it means the casino would send you an additional $100, making a total of $300 for your gameplay.

🎁 No Deposit

New bitcoin casinos no deposit bonus can come in different ways. It could either be free spins or a certain amount of money. Either way, it means the crypto casino is not asking you for a deposit before you can qualify for the bonus. Usually, it might come with its special requirements, but no pay is needed.

A common example is a casino offering you a $30 sign-up bonus πŸ’° to verify your profile and follow them on all social media platforms. As soon as you do all this, your casino account will be credited with this $30, and you can play as many games as you like.

πŸ’Έ Cashbacks


This is another promo that a casino offers to its loyal clientele. This could be weekly or monthly, but it simply means giving back a certain percentage of their losses.

For instance, a casino offers a monthly cashback of 25%, which means that your total losses of the previous months would be calculated at the start of every month, and 25% would be returned to you.

☘ Loyalty Programs

This is another scheme that was created as an avenue to reward active, loyal customers and the high rollers.

In most crypto platforms, immediately you sign up and verify your βœ… account, you automatically get into level 1, the lowest level in the program.

As you wager and play, you start to go higher up the ladder until you attain the highest level. The gamblers in this level are eligible for exciting promotions like sponsored trips, expensive phones and vehicles, tournaments, etc.

🎲 Crypto Casino Games Selection

The selection varies from one to another. Depending on the software provider, you might discover different variants of a certain type, some not at all.

Some casinos even choose to produce unique games tailored to the satisfaction and fairness of their customers. Either way, a reputable gaming casino should feature a variety to keep its clientele busy. The popular options are:

🎰 Slot Games

These are the classics and are a favourite because it doesn’t require any special skillβ€”just luck. You don’t have to do much, just spin the reels and hope the symbols across the payline πŸ’³ match each other.

  1. 3,5, 7 reel machines
  2. Classic slots
  3. Video slots
  4. Fruit machines
  5. 3D slots
  6. Progressive slots
  7. Single and multiple payline slots

πŸƒ Blackjack

This is another classic. In this, the gamblers compete against the house and not each other.  Cards are dealt face down, and the objective is to hand out cards closer to 21 at the end of the game.

  1. Perfect Pairs
  2. Spanish 21
  3. Pontoon
  4. Blackjack Switch
  5. Chinese Blackjack
  6. Super Fun 21
  7. Atlantic City Blackjack
  8. Bonus Blackjack

πŸŽ₯ Video Poker

This one uses a standard 52 card deck based on a 5-card draw. There is no fail-safe way to win this, and you only have to base your bets on luck.

  1. Bonus Deuces Wild
  2. Bonus Poker
  3. Deuces Wild
  4. Bonus Poker Deluxe
  5. Double Jackpot Poker
  6. Jacks or Better
  7. Joker Poker
  8. Loose Deuces

πŸ’₯ Roulette

This is a wheel that features slots from number 1 to 36 and two other slots for zeroes. The number slots can either be red or black, and the zero slots are green.

Players from Nj can place their bets until the betting session ends, and the dealer spins 🎰 the wheel and throws in a marble-sized ball. The ball will fall into a slot, and that will determine the payout.

  1. American Roulette
  2. European Roulette
  3. French Roulette
  4. Live Dealer Roulette (online only)
  5. 3D Roulette
  6. Multi-Ball Roulette
  7. Multi-Wheel Roulette

An extensive game catalogue should contain all the above and variants of it. Players should also find a live casino for when they want to have a real life feel; 3d slots and progressive jackpots should also be made available.

πŸ’‘ Provably Fair Crypto Gaming

Every player is entitled to a fair game with a low house edge. We all know that gambling in USA is an activity filled with calculated risks, but the odds should be such that an average person πŸ§” has a high chance of winning.

A new gambling site should be provably true to their clients and provide a way through which they can view fairness and be guaranteed safety. Most of these fair casinos invest in a Random Number Generator certificate to assure clients that they are regulated.

🌞 Responsible Crypto Gaming


No matter how excited you are or how wonderful the review you read was, do not gamble with more bitcoin than you are ready to lose. You can surely win huge sums on these crypto platforms, but you also stand a chance of losing your bitcoin if you happen to play it wrongly.

Do all you can to avoid dependency, and try not to play under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as these games are mostly one of chance and critical guessing. If you are under these influences, it would tamper with your ability to make decisions and cost you.

🌟 Summary about New Crypto Casinos

This is a thorough review of some of the best platforms in this industry. As a gambler from US, it is easy to get carried away with all the crypto market trends; however, you should read thorough research before picking the best website because these transactions are irreversible and cannot be undone.


What are Crypto Games?

Crypto games are like the usual ones we come across in casinos; the only difference is that these are played using bitcoin πŸͺ™ to gamble. Every purchase is in BTC, and any bonus you win would also be earned in Bitcoin. These games are really starting to gain more traction because they are a great way to earn.

What Separates Crypto websites from online classic ones?

Crypto websites only offer cryptocurrency as an accepted method of payment. Unlike in other casinos where fiat deposits and withdrawals are made, this is not like that.

Classic websites accept payment πŸ’³ with fiat, which might be paid using a debit or credit card.Β  A new online Crypto casino has wallets with unique addresses. This is why classics are not as secure as crypto casinos can be. On crypt sites, no details of your trade are left behind.

Are Crypto Casino Platforms Safe?

100%. This is why when choosing a casino, we advise you only to go for properly licensed casinos where you can at least be sure that a regulatory body is overseeing every activity that takes place on the site.

Licensing βœ… aside, an average casino is more secure than a classic. This is because it uses blockchain technology where an address is only accessible to the users of the network. This way, no transaction is traceable by a third party. Also, when opening an account, none of your details would be requested, so you do not need to fear a security breach or identity theft.

How can I use crypto as a banking method?

This process is as easy as ABC. Just visit the casino’s official website on either your phone or desktop. Once on the page, you should go to the cashier section and select whatever process you need at the time: deposit or withdrawal.

After choosing one of these, you would be presented with a list of available methods, and you have to choose either bitcoin ⭐, ethereum, Monero, ripple, or other forms.

Be aware that crypto generates blocks in the chain network within seconds, and trades are speedy. However, the quickness might be relative depending on the traffic at the hour of the transaction.

Are there any good bonuses at the best casino platform?

Yes, there are. They are always available and exist for both recent and loyal customers. If you are a fresh signee, you can take advantage of the welcome bonus to play some free games. However, if you want the amount of the bonus to be more tangible, you would have to deposit to qualify.

As you climb up the VIP 🌟 ladder, you will realize more clearly how generous these crypto platforms are. They offer packages like sponsored trips, the latest smartphones and laptops, even vehicles to loyal customers. These lucky clients also enjoy cashbacks, matched deposits of up to 100%, reloads, and even cash prizes on their birthdays.

Do the best crypto sites offer no deposit bonuses?

Yes. The majority of these casinos offer no deposit prizes. It could range from free spins for a particular slot 🎰 to bitcoin prizes. However, there are usually wagering requirements for these prizes, and you can neither withdraw nor use your cash until you meet these clauses.

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