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Up to 180% + 1 BTC
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100% up to 5 BTC
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⭐ The Best Monero Casinos In USA(NJ): Our 2022 Review

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Crypto casinos in New Jersey(US) have been the rave ever since people started using them. The security, anonymity, and ease it brings to online gambling made players gyrate towards it, sponsoring the massive establishments of Bitcoin casinos. Players enjoyed the crypto gambling sites usa in NJ for a while until other currencies 💶 started to come in. Now, there are more secure and private coins in the market, which is where XMR comes in.

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💸 7Bit💎 Best Instant Payout Casino

Gambling with monero not only promises you security from outside parties, but it also ensures you have complete privacy even on the blockchain. XMR uses two important features to ensure this, and it will be discussed further down the article.

However, you’re here because you’ve heard about XMR gambling and are looking to know how to start. Welcome! You are in the right place. Below is a list of some of the best monero casinos for crypto gambling in New Jersey.

🪙 Monero Casinos In US(NJ): What is XMR?


XMR coin was launched in 2014 and has gained a high level of acceptance and popularity amongst folks. It is an open-source, privacy-oriented and opaque blockchain that makes every transaction detail and amount anonymous by scrambling the address of the user. Unlike other virtual currencies where investors had to pay for special hardware to use, the developers of Monero 🪙 hardly keep any stake for themselves. The process was built on an egalitarian concept that every user should have equal opportunities to mine this currency themselves.

When it comes to payment history, this crypto coin also erected measures to make this non-traceable. Unlike in other currencies where a certain recurring transaction can be traced back to a certain account, it cannot be done here. This allows users safer networking, as they are completely out of the radar. Even the Monero coin is fungible, as there is no specific feature differing it from another crypto coin.

All the above features combined make this coin the holy grail when it comes to gambling in NJ. Gamblers can now make payments without it being traced back to their account. This total privacy keeps them relaxed and able to focus on their games.

Monero 1

👛 Monero Wallet in USA(NJ): How to Store Your XMR Cryptocurrency

General Information

As a digital cryptocurrency, you need a Monero wallet before you can make transactions with this token.

Unlike physical banknotes that you can pick up and spend, the XMR has private keys that need to be stored in e-wallets to enable you to make transactions.

Unlike a physical wallet that stores your actual banknotes, this e-wallet does not store your cryptocurrency; they store the private keys needed to access your tokens.

Your crypto holdings live on the blockchain and can only be accessed when you show proof of ownership, where the wallet comes in.

To make deposits and withdrawals, you will need access to a wallet 💶. This is why you only need a safe and secure wallet that would uphold the safety and security that is a big part of the XMR token. Here are some great ones to check:

monero crypto casinos USA

🌟 GUI Wallet for US players

This monero wallet has to be stored on desktop software and is one of the best and most secure storage for gambling. Desktop wallets provide complete control to the user and might sometimes come with additional functionality such as an exchange feature, like this GUI.

This is an easy solution for those who love to play in gambling platforms from USA where XMR is accepted ✅. They can use this wallet to convert their tokens into fiat and vice versa. Even better, you can access this platform in about 30+ different languages.

📱 Mobile crypto Wallets for US players

This is by far the most accessible form of storage. Here, the software is installed on your mobile device, and you can make transactions on the go. An example of a wallet you can use on your mobile is Coinbase. This can be utilized for purchase, storage, and playing with Monero and even accepts fiat currencies.

You can use this on desktop and web too.

💻 Hardware Monero Wallets for US players

These are the most secure forms of storage. Here, your private keys would be stored in hardware devices with USB drives connected to a desktop or smartphone. They are completely immune to cyberattacks and have never recorded a successful theft.

An example of a hardware XMR wallet is Trezor. Here, you can easily generate a pin to even make your crypto tokens more secure. Plus, it supports up to 1000 currencies 🪙, making it hard for a player not to find their desired cryptocurrency on this wallet.

⭐ Should You Use Monero Online Faucets in New Jersey(US)?


Why not? These are a great way to earn xmr tokens, and since it’s free, why not use them?

To win a token, you are allowed to play easy tasks like solving captchas. If you are a player who doesn’t want to go through the hassle of exchanging Monero tokens, then this is a great way to earn some.

It might be a small sum, but if you keep playing on sites that accept xmr, you will gather quite a significant sum before you even know it. Some of these faucets work with dire time limits, but the tasks are ceaselessly simple, so it is nothing serious.

🪙 How To Use Monero In Online Casinos in USA(New Jersey)

As Monero gaming continues to gain traction in the industry, more and more providers are starting to list it as a viable method. Even though it is technically different from bitcoin and ethereum, it is not complicated and should not be seen.

However, there is a basic guideline to follow when gambling 🎰 in a Monero online casino, and it will be discussed shortly. Before any of these transactions can occur, you have to have a cryptocurrency in your possession.

Monero 2

💳 Buying Monero Online in USA(New Jersey)


The first thing you should do is buy some tokens. To do this, you can either register with a crypto exchange or buy a wallet. Registering with a Monero broker would only require you to input your name, email address, username and password.

After successfully signing in and verifying your account, you can now search for XMR in the search bar and click to buy. You might be asked for your banking details 💳 for players who want to buy with their credit cards, or if you have other currencies, you can exchange them for Monero at the current market rate.

Now that you have bought your crypto, you can now follow the steps below to use these tokens in gambling:

💶 How to deposit at a site that uses Monero from USA(NJ)

Choose Only Trusted XMR Casinos in New Jersey: Though there is a recent uprising of crypto gambling sites there aren’t many online casinos that accept Monero as a payment method. The team has carefully reviewed the above platforms to be one of the few bests you can bank your money with.
Register: Now that you have found a platform to gamble with xmr, the next step is registration. Thankfully, a crypto platform would not require your details. This is why they are highly coveted by gamblers. You would not need your name or address; all you need is to sign up and generate a username 🌟 and password. You must, however, complete a verification or KYC process because transactions are highly secure and must be done correctly.
Deposit: Now that you have successfully registered and verified your account, it is time to make a deposit. To do this, just go to the cashier or banking section of your casino, and choose deposit.

On this list, you will be presented with a list of acceptable methods. Since you are dealing with XMR, you should choose this as your preferred method.

A unique address would be generated and sent to you. You are to copy this address and paste it into your secure wallet. Once you do this, select the amount of tokens you want to send, authorize the transaction and then click send.

💸 How to withdraw from Monero Gambling Sites in USA(NJ)

monero casinos USA

Now that you have created a casino account, and earned something, it is now time for you to make a withdrawal. It is the same uncomplicated process as making a deposit; all you have to do is:

  • Go to the Cashier Section: Go to the banking 💳 section of your igaming site in US, and click on withdraw. A reputable casino using Monero would also accept many other currencies, so you would be presented with a list at this joint.
  • Choose XMR: Select it as your preferred method, and then copy your wallet address into the crypto section. Enter the amount of tokens you want to receive, then authorize it.

Note that crypto payments’ processing time depends on the traffic, but they are usually faster than the average method of payment. When entering addresses during transactions, be careful and always go over the number again to avoid any mistake. Payments are irreversible on the network, and mistakes mean you lose your money.

⚖ The Pros and Cons of Using Monero casino sites in USA(NJ)

They might not be as big as bitcoins and ethereum, but xmr is gradually catching up to these seniors.

Before using crypto gambling sites that offer this method, let’s take you through some of the merits and demerits of this casino:

👍 Merits of XMR Casinos in US

🔒 Privacy

Although every crypto coin is known to diligently uphold privacy in the network, Monero takes that job a little more seriously.

They do this by using ring signatures and stealth addresses. These ring signatures enable a member of the network to hide their identity when making payments. As a crypto user, when you send money, no one is aware it came from you until you tell them! When someone sends you money 💶 , they would not know if you have received it until you tell them. If you receive payment for the same service three times, no one would know you did.

⏱ Speed of Monero Casinos in US

If you have ever used the casinos in New Jersey, you will know just how fast transactions can be. The blocks in the network are generated within seconds, which means a large amount of data can be processed within just a few minutes.

As gamblers who play on the sites that accept crypto, you want to be sure that your withdrawals are sent instantly when you cash out. Like all crypto coins, Monero is subjected to fluctuations, and you don’t want it to lose its value while stuck in your account.

However, these sites offer instant and speedy transactions regardless of the payment bulk.

💥 Low Charges of Monero Casinos in US

If you play in casinos that accept Monero, you will realize that you are saving extra charges in the long run. Unlike traditional banking methods where exorbitant charges are removed just for services, it is not the same in a platform using crypto.

The Monero token itself does not charge any fee, but the igaming platform might require a little commission for processing, which is the same for your wallet. However, these charges are nothing small as compared to the other methods. Be sure to read the terms and conditions, so you are aware of their rates.

🌞 User Friendly of Monero Casinos in US

Xmr payments are as easy as it could get. You just have to go to the banking section of your platform and follow the appropriate process. You might be subjected to a strict security check during your first withdrawal, but it is nothing compared to the rigorous process of the basic banking method.

Monero 3

👎 Demerits

☘ Rarity

Monero is only just beginning to gain traction amongst gamblers, and anyone who wishes to use this might find it hard searching for the best Monero casinos. Thankfully, we have helped compile a list that should help you choose the best sites that accept Monero.

💳 Irreversibility

Any payment made into the gambling sites cannot be reversed. If you also make a mistake while copying an address, you will lose your money. It is important to be careful when making financial decisions with xmr because it can not be undone.

💰 Casino Bonuses for Players from New Jersey(USA)

Even though xmr gambling platforms are not as rampant as we would like them to be, players get generous rewards when they do find one. The competition in the industry is very tight, and as such, brands are looking to keep their customers loyal to them. Some of the bonuses 🎁 you will find in these best anonymous bitcoin casinos are:

🤑 Matched Deposit Bonus for Players from New Jersey(USA)


In sites that accept Monero the welcome bonuses usually come in thud form. Here, casinos in USA would match your first deposit up to a certain point, at a specific percent.

For example, a monero gambling casino promises a matched bonus of 100% on your first $100(equivalent in XMR) deposit.

This simply means that you pay 100% into the gambling site, and they’ll send you an additional $100 to play as many games as you like with a total starting balance of $200.

🔥 No Deposit Bonus for Players from New Jersey(USA)

This is highly coveted in casinos because it means gamblers get to play with zero risks attached. This bonus is given without any deposit requirement. That’s right; you don’t need to pay any money to use it.

For example, the USA gambling portals offers a bonus of $20 equivalent in XMR on the condition that you verify your account and follow them on all their social platforms. As a user, when you need all these requirements, your smr gamblinng sites will offer the money without needing any other addition from you.

🎰 Free Spins for Players from New Jersey(USA)

These bonuses could come as a whole or part of other packages. Simply put, free spins are exactly what the name implies. Your casino would offer you these chances to play slots for free.

For instance, you were given 100 free spins. What this means is, you can spin your slots 100 times without making any payments. Be sure to read the terms and conditions attached to know if the earnings are sticky or cashable.

💎 XMR casino bonuses for existing players

Bonuses are the most sought-after feature of any monero casino. A popular bonus offer players is the welcome package for newbies. Does this mean the veterans are left behind? 

These are the top bonuses existing players can enjoy at all new monero casinos;

Reload deposits

Casinos that accept XMR payments offer players reload deposits on specific days. This bonus is usually a percentage of any deposit you make on those select days. 

For example, if a brand offers a 50% reload bonus on Fridays and you made a $50 deposit, you would get an extra $25 to gamble with.

Rewards program

Top monero casinos reward loyalty! They offer gifts and special bonuses to players who engage in gameplay frequently.

VIP Program

When gambling with monero at high amounts, the platform would recognize you and offer a VIP status. This status gives you access to exclusive bonuses and events.

📎 Understanding the terms of a Monero Online casino bonus

Everyone loves freebies, and the best monero casinos are good at offering generous bonuses. There is no such thing as entirely free in business, but players often forget to read the terms and conditions attached to the bonuses crypto gambling offer.

✔️ Wagering requirements

Before accepting a bonus from any casino, you must check the wagering requirements. These are the number of times you must gamble with the bonus before withdrawing your winnings. Top monero casinos have requirements like 25x, 35x, and 40x. 

✔️ Eligible games

You need to find out what games you can play when gambling with monero casino online bonuses. Ensure these games count towards your requirements. Slot machines are a better option because they usually contribute 100%, compared to table games which contribute about 10%.

✔️ Eligibility period

Sites that accept Monero always set a time limit for you to meet the wagering requirements. This period is usually about a month, and your bonus funds expire once the time is up. 

🎲 Games You Can Play With Monero in USA(NJ)

All the games you can play in your fiat gaming platforms are available on these websites. Different game providers would surely mean different catalogues, but below are some of the popular ones.

  • Table Games: For those who enjoy classic gaming, you will surely not be disappointed at what these sites have to offer on these terms. You would find blackjack, roulette, baccarat, video poker, and so on.
  • Slots 🎰: You will find many variants of this in different brands, from the three reels to the five reels to the progressive jackpot. These games are available for your consumption. Some sites with these options are: bitcoin penguin casino, betfury casino bitcoin.
  • Virtual Games: If you are interested in those rare games you will hardly find in physical casinos; then this is for you. Keno, online lotteries, sportsbooks, betting, etc., are always available.

🔒 Security and Privacy of XMR Casinos in New Jersey


Amongst the hundreds of Cryptocurrencies in the market, Monero is one that you can trust to keep things secure and anonymous. Although bitcoin and ethereum use pseudo addresses to keep things private, Monero takes it a step further. Even on the blockchain network, other uses can not locate your address or trace transactions back to you.

They also have ring signatures where a sender can just make up a sign for payment without really having any solid traceability factor. Anyone can use this signature, so it holds no water. The xmr token itself is fungible, which means that nothing differentiates one coin from the other, like in BTC or even physical banknotes that all have traceable addresses.

🧩 Alternatives To XMR Casinos

Top crypto gambling websites offer players multiple cryptocurrencies to deposit and withdraw with. Some of these options might be preferable because they are more widely accepted. If you want to gamble at one of the new monero casinos that accept XMR, but you cannot get some crypto, you can use these other methods. Some other cryptocurrencies you can find on the markets are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Tether.

When selecting other options for gambling on a monero casino, you should look at important features like transaction charges and speed. For instance, Ripple and Dash have very fast processing speeds, while Ethereum has higher network charges than the rest.

Now that you know the other options you can use to fund your bankroll and withdraw your winnings when gambling with monero casino, you should have a pleasant experience playing games online.

💸 Convert your Monero into Cash

To gamble at the top monero casinos, you have to first buy crypto with cash from a crypto exchange. The best monero casinos allow players to withdraw their winnings quickly into their preferred crypto wallets.

Once you have withdrawn your winnings from any of your preferred gambling platform, you can convert them into fiat currency. After that, you simply need to “Sell” the xmr by selecting your preferred currency pair (e.g., USD/XMR, GBP/XMR, etc.).

Gambling with monero is really easy when using a good crypto exchange wallet to receive your funds. Some good wallets to use are Kraken and Coin base, but before selecting, ensure you can withdraw the money using your preferred e-wallet. You should remember that even though the monero casino does not request a charge for withdrawal, the wallet would request a charge for conversion. 

💡 Why Should You Choose A Monero Casino in US?

If you are a gambler who deals with huge transactions, then you might want to give Monero a try. Although security, privacy, and anonymity are more than enough reasons to join, you can also enjoy generous perks like their bonuses, promotions and also play provably fair games.

However, before choosing the right website, you want 🌟 to be sure of the site reputation, licensing, and the measures they have erected to keep their clients’ secure and protected at all costs.

Another important aspect is their customer support. Usually, players do not think of this aspect of a gambling service. Once they are assured of fair games, generous bonuses, and security, they are okay. Customer support should not be underrated because it determines how quickly your queries and complaints will be examined.

💰 Monero NFT

Launched in 2014 as a fork of Bytecoin, xmr is a privacy coin similar to Dash, another currency that new crypto gambling sites accept. It has evolved over the years and is now widely accepted as one of the major cryptocurrencies acceptable in gambling sites. The decentralized coin allows untraceable transactions on its network, a major feature of every casino. Gamblers who prefer to remain anonymous can play games at the crypto platforms that accept XMR.

Recently, the Monero NFT collection was launched for fans who are also a part of the NFT community. There are 200 unique digital art in this NFT collection. Players who enjoy gambling with crypto can use their winnings to purchase these NFTs as an investment.

💥 Conclusion for XMR Casinos in New Jersey

There are so many benefits to using this platform. As a gamer, you know how important it is to maintain absolute privacy while using the internet. This virtual currency might not be the most popular one yet, but it has all the functions to keep all your transactions under the radar. Check out our top crypto casinos 2022 recommendations to select the best one for you.


Are Monero Casinos Legal in USA(NJ)?

While a vast majority of the casinos that accept xmr are legal, it is still up to you to find out if the casino is licensed to operate with it. When you visit the page, scroll down to the bottom to check if it is properly registered and licensed.

What is the Best Monero Casino in USA(New Jersey)?

This is dependent on you as a client. Every player has a different need and objective when choosing a casino. What others see as a great casino might not be for you. Be sure to check out reviews to see if they offer only services that you find useful to your goals at the moment.

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